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Archive for December 2014

Christmas Mother Family Blessings

Posted in: Community

mitchell-familyMay we introduce the Mitchell family: Georgia, Ken, Brian, and Theresa. The Mitchell’s have worked hard their entire lives to provide a secure future for their son. Georgia was a nurse and Ken worked in IT.

In 2010, Ken suffered a devastating stroke that most people would have never survived. Because of his strong will and the love and support from his family Ken was able to live. He still suffers from multiple conditions on a day to day basis. It is because of Georgia’s constant guardianship that Ken is still with us.

Theresa is Georgia’s aunt. Unfortunately she has been mentally handicapped for her entire life. Georgia promised her mother she would take care of Theresa when she passed. Georgia kept her promise and opened up their home to Theresa. She takes care of Theresa, Ken, and their son Brian on a daily basis. Brian is a student at Byrd Middle school. He excels in everything from academics to athletics. He is truly the light in their lives. The love the Mitchell’s have for each other is the reason they continue to have a positive outlook on life. For the Mitchell’s every day is a struggle and a blessing. It is organizations like the Christmas Mother that make it possible for them to have a happy holiday.

Christmas-Mother-of-RichmondGrapevine is proud to be a part of the Christmas Mother and we extend our blessings to the Mitchell family this holiday season.

Make a donation to the Richmond Christmas Mother Fund.

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